Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello Heartache :-(

Bye bye sunshine, we had our fun. Now it's back to the doom & gloom of rainy Portland. But before we get back into our normal routine of weather that changes every 5 minutes, how about a recap of the fun in the sun from this last weekend.

Java Vivace on UrbanspoonThe weekend started off with a lovely little brunch at Java Vivace up in NW. They specialize in various caffeinated beverages and crepes, and the Morning Bagels are to die for. The cafe resides in an old Victorian home along with other small businesses, but Vivace is the main presence. The Charming decor provides great ambiance whilst you sip your white mocha, read the paper, and return to a time where there is actually time to enjoy it! With patrons of all walks of life, Vivace is a perfect fit for the NW. The only draw back: it was so good I ended up there twice in one weekend and spent more than I should have. But thanks Vivace, it was de-lish.

Yes, the nice weather lifted spirits here in P-town, and the evidence was everywhere. People we biking more, walking just for fun, and lounging around where ever there was a spot. The Tom McCall Waterfront Park was bursting with life, and if you've never tried it, I highly suggest bringing a blanket and relaxing by the river. Anywhere along the strip is a great place to people watch. There are tons or gorgeous men jogging along (some even without their shirts, wow!) to unfortunate looking people who should be wearing a bag over their head. Owners are also out walking their dogs who probably are as exercise ridden as their master, but love the sunshine just as much. This is the perfect opportunity for those of you who hate flirting with people in awkward situations (e.g., the bar, grocery store, etc.) but want to take the initiative to talk to someone. A dog is the perfect excuse, you have a reason to talk to them "what an adorable dog!", which then starts a conversation, leads to flirting, maybe the prospect of a date, then the exchange of phone numbers. And if the person doesn't seem interested you can bow out gracefully with dignity intact. For all you mo's out there, it's also the perfect opportunity to talk to a cute guy and figure out if he's gay before wasting the time & energy of flirting.

Their seems to be attractive men everywhere when the sun comes out. I haven't quite put my finger on it, but maybe it's because they like the outdoors...or they all drive cars and stay inside the gym when it's cloudy? No matter how you spin it, most people look better when the sun is shinning and it's warm enough to go without a coat. Another great place to people watch is the South Park Blocks on PSU campus. Just the other day I was reading on a bench, half-way ease dropping on other people's conversations (how could I not?), but my attention was distracted every so often when I would hear a random musical instrument. This time it was an electric xylophone, followed by a country string trio. Just days before at the farmer's market I also heard an electric cello, and further down the block was a young woman playing a golden harp. Each melody brings a different mood and sense of life to the area, much like the time in the fall when a man was playing the accordion for passersby. I felt like I was walking through a park in Paris! Oh how my love for Portland continues to grow, new discoveries are sometimes literally right around the corner. But the gift of music is perhaps the best surprise, even if you can't see it, or know where it's coming from, you can still hear it. So when in doubt, follow the music.

In Portland it's important to take the opportunity when nice weather comes along, study outside, take your laptop to a cafe, ride your bike to a friend's house, or just walk around town and explore a new neighborhood. Because once the weather shifts, it's back to gray skies for who knows how long. And unfortunately the gray returned quickly yesterday, snuffing out the last chance to wear flip-flops for a while. But if you were lucky, maybe you met someone new, and maybe you'll have them to keep you warm when the wind starts to blow again.

Until next time...

You know you love it,
~ city boi

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