Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pub Grub

Horse Brass Pub on UrbanspoonAlthough the weather was gloomy as usual here in the City of Roses, this Easter weekend has still been an enjoyable one. While I've consumed a number of drinks over the last few days, the most memorable were the ones I had with friends at a nice British style pub called Horse Brass in SE by 47th and Belmont. While it has the appeal of a dive bar, it's much larger and operates more like a restaurant that offers a lot of beer. The menu ranges from traditional British pub food to familiar American grub like fish & chips. I had the pleasure of trying the Fishwich with cheese and chips and was blown away by the flavor of the beer battered fillet. It's a very large fish sandwich but I ate every bite and savored each moment. Driving by I had never noticed that the Horse Brass existed, but now that I know what's there I will definitely be going back.

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u know u love it,
~ city boi

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